Friday, April 23, 2010

Heyyyyyyyyyy Cupcake!

Hey Cupcake! No, that's not the latest "cat call" I've received while strolling aimlessly along the streets of Austin...It's one of the hottest cupcake trailers around! Yes, I said trailer, not shop, boutique or store, which is one of the reasons it's so great!

Hey Cupcake! is not your average sweet spot...the "Cupcakers" go out of their way to make your stop extra special! Last night was my first HC experience and our guy "Petey" (he claimes this is his real name) was quite the peach. Not only did he indulge my inquisitive mind and disappointment that only 2 of the 7 flavors were still available (to his credit he was closing in 6 min), but he went above and beyond to make my first experience superb.  The 2 flavors remaining were Michael Jackson (choc bottom, cream cheese top) and Double Dose (choc bottom, choc top). Anna went for MJ so I succumbed to the DD, without regrets. The cake was still moist after being made 12 hrs earlier and the icing was the perfect richness complementing the cake. Even I, not being a chocolate cake fan, was impressed!

Beyond the tastiness of the treats, our pal Petey hooked us up with VIP treatment. One small comment that the cupcakes would be better with milk and he appeared with two milks on the house. Then after gorge when our hands were "like grubby little kids hands" he calls out that he has wet wipes for us (in reality they were Clorox wipes, haha, but did the trick). Seeing as it was closing time, Petey pulled up a chair, in the oh so Austin, friendly way and kept us in good company for the remainder of our cupcake date.


My signature cupcake sandwich :)

So next time you have a hankering for a sweet experience, mosey on down to one of the 5 Austin locations and enjoy!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Two Week Texan!

That's right, 2 short weeks ago I started a new adventure "Deep in the Heart of Texas" -- Austin to be exact.   Splashes of blue and orange, and glorious sunshine danced along the highway as I bounced into town, an appropriate, cheerful welcoming party if you ask me. With spirits high and hopes higher, I have jumped into Austin, like it's my job...well, it kinda is, right now.

Being someone who's never met a stranger and who enjoys newness and embraces change, this city has been my personal playground. I'm constantly amazed by how "perfect" this city is for me. I could go on and on and on gushing about my new love affair with Austin...but wouldn't want to bore you. So here's the top few (couldn't' commit to a #) reasons I am IN LOVE with AUSTIN, TX!

1. The Greenbelt & Town Lake - An outdoor lovers haven! Everything from hiking, biking, climbing, rowing and kayaking to swimming holes, waterfalls and many other like-minded folks. My first week in ATX i found myself buying a 7 month membership to the rowing club and take my first lesson next week! :)

2. Mexican Food!!! - So, um, I've been here two weeks and I've already eaten Mexican 75% of my meals out. Guess I'm making up for the lack thereof in Chi. My current fave is Trudy's....they rock a delectable fried avocado stuffed with spiced chicken and cheese! Pretty ridic!

3. Live Music - They don't call Austin the Live Music Capital of the World for nothing! There's a plethora of unique venues and artists in this city and on any given night, you can find something going on gratis. I've already had my fair share of Texas Country, a la Pat Green & Roger Creager, and even some solid 80s rock

4. The People - "Keep Austin Weird" is NOT just a silly slogan, it's for real yo! An eclectic and diverse hodgepodge of folks is what you'll find here. Which is precisely what makes it so interesting. "Cookie Cutter" is not even in the vocabulary of this city, which is music to my ears. I've grown increasingly apt to appreciate and encourage individuality and expression and I can already tell this will only be stretched by living here. I also dig the laid-back vibe and demeanor  of the folks...genuine, kind and free are some other descriptors that come to mind. And ladies... if you're looking for a Southern Gentleman, it's got them too! :)

5. Climate! - The coldest month is January...and the average low is a balmy 40 (above freezing)! And the high is 60. Looks like I'll be having a cookout for my bday this year kids ;)

6.  3rd Party Validation - No. 3 Best Big City in "Best Places to Live" by Money magazine in 2009. According to Travel & Leisure magazine, Austin ranks No. 1 on the list of cities with the best people, referring to the personalities and attributes of the citizens. Austin was ranked the fifth-safest city (mom will be happy 'bout that). Austin is also the Greenest City in America. Furthermore, in 2009, Austin was determined to be the least stressful large metro area by Forbes magazine.

So there you have it... Two Full Weeks and counting!  Hope I've convinced you to come visit or move!