Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's Official...I'm a triathlete!

Couples Triathlon, Decker lake

I knew it was gonna be a good day when I saw this! If that gift from heaven can't calm unwieldily nerves, I'm not sure anything can.

The swim, which I thought would be my worst sport turned out to be fairly enjoyable. Gliding past neon orange buoys, kicking people off my feet and gasping for air have taken a liking to me. And i'm not complaining! The swim was 800m.

Tracy was my partner in crime for the "Couples" Tri... We are just friends! Hah...and both being blonde and being bike twins we appropriately names our team the Blonde Bombshells! She's my training buddy and the girl who smiles the whole race...and she's fast too! So lucky to have such a rockstar pair up with a rookie!

Biking will always be my 1st love when it comes to triathlons. I just really enjoy he wind in my face, going fast and the thrill of it. It helps that this is the part I'm naturally best at ;) The bike was 11 miles and pretty hilly.

The 3.1 Mile run is documented on fb pretty well by our fans... It felt like 13.1, was pretty hilly and hot. My only relief was dumping the ice cold water on my head and rolling up my shirt! I just kept telling myself to put 1 foot in front of the other.

Transitions are the tricky part of races. You have to be quite organized and efficient so that you don't waste time in the race. I didn't mind transitioning; it was a much needed relief each time!

All in all I feel pretty great about my 1st Sprint Triathlon clocking in at 1:33! They say this sport is addictive, and I guess they are right bc I'm already planning 2 more triathlons in Sept & Oct!

Check out my Moxie Multisport Crew! Well half of us!

That's all for now...back to training with coach Adri! She beat me this time, but we'll see about the next ;-)



Saturday, July 9, 2011

Couples Triathlon! Blonde Bombshell Style!

It's here!!! My long-awaited 1st Triathlon is upon me! I can't believe that tomorrow I can "officially" call myself a Triathlete!

I am happy to report that I actually feel ready and excited! I'm sure the butterflies will arrive tomorrow, but for now I'm just so happy it's here! I did a mini Tri by myself last weekend, which was no fun but gave me the confidence I needed for tomorrow!

Check out this preparation ;)

My first race is the Couple's Tri and I'm doing it with my bike twin, Tracy! Our team name is the Blonde Bombshells of course! Haha! And I'll be sporting my Moxie Multisport kit!

I like race week bc u get to taper! Less workouts and more relaxation were much appreciated after the holiday weekend. My amazing coach also got me a goodie basket full of treats for racing! I'm so thankful to have her partner with me on this journey.

Wish me luck tomorrow! I'll do a post-race update!

Ps. Shocker of the year...I actually like swimming now, gasp!

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