Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nashville On My Mind

Ray Charles said it best in his famed song "Georgia On My Mind"...

(my version)

"I said
Nashville, no peace I find
Just an old sweet song
Nashville on my mind

Other arms reach out to me
Other eyes smile tenderly
Still in peaceful dreams I see
The road leads back to you

Nashville, Nashville,
No peace, no peace I find
Just this old, sweet song
Nashville on my mind

I said just an old sweet song,
Nashville on my mind"

My first trip to Nashville left quite an impression on me. As Ray felt about Georgia, so I felt about Nashville - the city truly resembled the sweetest of songs. Adorned with gently rolling hills, cowboy boots on every corner, laughter and live music spilling into the streets, and scents of southern cooking wafting in the breeze how was a girl to keep from falling for it?

From down home BBQ's with friends to posh rooftop escapes, we blanketed this small but mighty city during our 3 day stay. Some of the more notable pit stops were:

Downtown (Broadway St) - A notable tourist hub, this famous street still managed to harness the charm and country flavor that Nashville is most known for. The buy 1 pair of boots, get 2 free was especially reminiscent of southern hospitality. And a deal so alluring I had to stop and run the other way in order to not come home with 4 pairs (i brought 1 with me). With all these boots you need a place to do some kicking and stomping, and Broadway has just that. Two notable places, Roberts and Stage were deemed the hot spots. I enjoyed a great cover band, and shaking what my momma gave me at Stage. But Robert and I WILL meet next time I'm in town!

Hillsboro Village - We had the pleasure of staying in this eclectic gem of a neighborhood during our trip. And ended up spending much of our time in this area. From the cozy coffee shops like Fido to the uber cute boutiques and amazing outdoor patios at the restaurants (Jackson's), this place had it all. One of the locals coaxed me into getting up at the crack of dawn to beat the crowd to the most popular breakfast joint - Pancake Pantry. As much as I love sleeping in, I'm a sucker for breakfast, so I heeded her advice much to my delight. My sweet potato pancakes were simply decadent. Five soft, tender flapjacks filled my plate covered in powdered sugar and served with fresh whipped butter, pure maple syrup and a savory sweet cinnamon cream compote. I got a taste of the hash browns too - the best I've ever had!

Opryland - This majestic place has been heralded by many and seen by so few (Nashvillites that is). I was shocked when my companions told me they had never seen this Tennessee wonder and determined that we must go! The Opryland Hotel is one of the most gigantic establishments I've ever seen. Not in the skyscraper sense, but more the sprawl of it's many wings. To my delight, the hotel had it's very own riverwalk complete with a boat tour, a botanical garden, restaurants, bars, shopping and even a hip night club (not sure who goes to it though). This place most directly resembled a cruise ship on land complete with all your dining and entertainment needs. Amidst all it's beauty and majesty it screamed "retiree haven"! I think we were the only people there under 30. And I knew that my dear grandma would just love this place. After finding our way out of the maze of hotel, we briefly stopped by the world famous Grand Ole Opry House, but decided against the $20 tour. I'll go back some day and see a show and really get my money's worth!

Vanderbilt & Belmont University - Both nestled tightly in the heart of Nashville, we drove by these sunbathing beauties several times during the weekend. I must admit that I had no foreknowledge of Belmont, but this best kelp secret stole my heart with it's picturesque buildings and well-manicured facade.

The Gulch - This is Nashville's newest, hottest hood. We had friends living at the Icon and got to make use of their fabulous
roofdeck amenities with breathtaking views of downtown Nash. There were also some brand new tasty restaurants such as Cantina Laredo that totally made my radar!

Centennial Park & The Parthenon - Out for an afternoon stroll, we stumbled upon this urban playground. Not having done adequate homework on Nash before making the trip, wandering upon the Parthenon was quite a treat! Hoping to get a better view we climbed the stairs to this magnificent building in awe of it's massive columns. As luck would have it there was a wedding reception taking place inside that kept us from the intimate tour, but we were still able to get a peak at the replica of the 42-foot statue Athena which is the centerpiece of the Parthenon just as it was in ancient Greece. Beyond a taste of Greece, Centennial Park had a host of other sweet and simple attractions. Spring was in the air and families of geese and ducks were all a flurry. Squirrels ran wild and flowers sang out in their brightest tones. The park offered many swings and park benches throughout the premise for taking in the scenery - which we obliged!

As you can see...everything from the sweet tea to the Grand Ole Opry...sure spoke to me. So I leave you with this:

"I said
Nashville, no peace I find
Just an old sweet song
Nashville on my mind"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beware...Orange Hair!

Don't Try This At Home!

No...I didn't accidentally dye my hair orange, however, it would make for a good post!

This past weekend I harnessed my adventurous spirit and tried a new sport (guess you can call it that)...haha. I awoke super early on Saturday morning
(much to my dismay) and found myself headed about an hour outside of Chi with some friends and strangers to go battle it out at the Realms of Ruin!

That's first foray into the little known world of Paintball. I had been wanting to embrace this activity since the days of High School, but never really got around to it. And now that it was upon me I wasn't quite sure what I had gotten myself into. I mean, running around in the woods def sounded fun enough, but getting hit with high speed balls of paint, well that's another story. It didn't help that the day before I left gobs of people were preparing me for the worst, "wear layers," "it hurts," "you'll definitely get bruises and whelps," and it kinda got to me. But being the Ardent Adventurer, I was not going to let a little fear keep me away.

So, Friday night I set out to find some camo because heck...if I turned out to not be good (wild thought I know), I was at least going to look the part! First attempt: 25 min bus ride in the rain to a random area north of the city to the Army Surplus Store (go big or go home, right?). Upon arrival, I noticed it was a little dark and there were bars all over the windows and doors (great sign right)...Confused, I slowly made my way over to the entrance and realized that it was indeed closed. Ugh..the nerve. Now what was a girl to do? Plan B: Salvation Army - Luckily, I was accompanied by my handy iphone, love of my life, who diligently guided me to my next destination, which by the time I walked the 2 miles there was inevitably closed as well...this is not looking good. I was wet, starved and just wanted to find some stupid pants!

Defeated, I started walking south back toward downtown. Minutes later I passed by a little place called Plato's Closet (a consignment shop) and I'm not sure if it was intuition, luck or God that made me stop and just check it out. Literally, the first aisle I came to had army green cargo pants that were the perfect size! I walked out of there with $10 poorer, but with my head held high and green pants in tow.
$10 pants = good investment!

Now...on to the good stuff. Our group of about 20 had arranged for a full day's worth of playing private games - THANK GOD! Why? Well, the groups we ran into there were seriously hard core. They had spikes coming off their masks and all these extra belts and ammo and crazy guns. Seriously..i think they were off duty army dudes. I wouldn't have set foot on a playing field with them for fear of losing it, haha!

After getting all decked out with the Darth Vader masks, guns and paintballs we were set. Split into teams and positioned on opposite sides of the field. My heart raced as we awaited the signal that the game was starting. Seconds later we were off, running through trenches, hiding behind barrels and trees, crawling through brush and scoping out our opponents. It was a rush! Paint was flying, winning was on the line and I started firing. What surprised me the most was just how "into it" you can get. It's like you just switch modes and shooting at people seems completely normal, haha. Kinda scary too.

My first game my goal was to not be the first one out, haha...which turned out to be easier than I had imagined. I stayed in fairly long and took a paintball to the head. Not too shabby for a first hit! It definitely helped diminish my fear of the pain associated with getting hit...really it wasn't that bad! Little did I know that this same hit would provide me with a whole new do (hair that is). Apparently, I wear orange well - or everyone was lying. I proceeded to get hit in the same exact spot later in the day as well as the hand and shoulder amongst others. But nothing I couldn't "walk off".

A very fun day to say the least. I picked up a new sport, made some good friends and got to try out a new hair color. What more could a girl ask for? Already thinking about what adventure sport I should try next...any suggestions?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trust Me...

Trust: reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence (

As I was walking to the train after work today, staring down at my feet as I dodged puddles of rain water, I noticed something...Something that I rarely ever think about. It was as if a light came on and something that is normally mundane had new meaning. What did I notice? That I had been walking over grates in the sidewalk - grates that cover possibly bottomless holes that potentially lead to sewage, the subway or some other unpleasant destination. And at this moment I realized, I have an immense amount of trust in the ground I walk upon. Now, it may seem silly, but any moment the frail metal could break or shift and I'd be lost in the abyss of Chicago's sewer system.

Doesn't sound too pleasant, huh? Why do I trust Chicago's sidewalks and streets so much? Who told me they were good, reliable or "trust"worthy? No one. Experience has made a pretty strong case for this. But even when I first roamed these bustling streets I'm pretty sure I didn't tiptoe around making sure it was safe to tread.

This topic is especially relevant to me right now as I am in a constant battle in my personal life to TRUST God! The other night I was wrestling particularly hard with trusting Him in a certain area of my life and so like any hopeless soul, I just opened my Bible randomly searching for help. Thus, dun, dun opened to Psalm 118. Nothing too strange about this, right, the Psalms are in the midd
le of the Bible. But I beg to differ, especially after reading vs. 8, "It is better to TRUST in the LORD, Than to put confidence in man." Ha. There you have it folks...plain as day. God answered my inability to trust Him with scripture telling me that I'm a fool. Gotta love His sense of humor.

But seriously, why is it so much easier for me to trust the ground I walk upon than the creator of the ground? The Bible reminds us to trust in the Creator, not the created, over and over. I'm reading a great book right now, that probably brought this whole issue to the forefront of my mind, Seizing Your Divine Moment by Erwin McManus. It has literally rocked my way of thinking, challenged me and has caused me to change (yes that often dreaded verb). The book challenges you to "Dare to live a life of Adventure". All four things I love: Dares, Living, Life, Adventure!

In this book he talks a lot about trusting and responding to God through Biblical parallels. Two of which are Jonathan and Elijah. Jonathan's story can be found in
1 Samuel 14 and it's a tale of his bravery and obedience to follow God's direction to attack the Philistine army. Now, this may not seem all that brave until you realize that A) He goes against his Father's (King Saul) orders, and B) He approaches the Philistine army with only a sword and his armor-bearer by his side. Also, he doesn't attack them while they sleep or via some strategic mastery. Nope, he goes out in plain sight and yells at them!!! Knowing that if they responded "Come up to us" then God would deliver them. BUT, if they said, "Wait there until we come to you," they would be doomed.

Ahh...does anyone else see that he is crazy! The armor-bearer too - he concedes to this mad plan, "Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul." Wow. Well, the story goes...they were called up and defeated the Philistines with the hand of God. How's that for a lesson in trust? My issues aren't even life or death.

Another great example of triumph and failure is the story of Elijah in 1Kings 18. In this passage, Elijah finds himself in a Battle of the Gods, a real life show down between his God and the God Baal. The test was to see who's god could rain down fire from heaven onto the alter. Simple task, right? Well, Baal ceased to respond and left his followers in a bloody mess. Then confident Elijah builds his alter and places his offering to God and proceeds to have it drenched in buckets of water 3x!!! I'm, this is really not going to help you out. However, this radical action proves even more so his immense trust in God to even produce fire on wet wood. WOW. He calls to God in Heaven and sure enough, fire comes raining down and all are amazed and fear the one true God!

Great story ehh? What a steadfast man of trust and confidence in God, right? Well yes, at this point. You see, the thing about Elijah's story that really got to me is that in the very next chapter 1 Kings 19. Ahab threatens to kill him before the next day and Elijah runs off like a scaredy cat! Ummm...hello! God just rained down FIRE! He runs off to the mountains where God finds him and whispers, "What are you doing here?"What a great question...Erwin says it best, "Whenever we run from the challenges sets before us, He asks us the same question. Whenever we settle for a life of mediocrity, God asks us the same question, 'What are you doing here?' Whenever we decide that the average is good enough, He asks us. Whenever we settle for simply existing, God asks us, 'What are you doing here?'"

Elijah is then commanded by God to go back to where he came from. To face his fears and fulfill his God-given destiny. And folks...that's what he does for us. When I repeatedly don't trust God in an area
of life or a situation, I repeatedly find myself in that situation, weird huh? Frustrating, but as I'm learning, God is gracious and keeps giving me chances to turn back, face my fears , and move on! Fear prohibits freedom. And I don't know about you, but I long to be FREE! So here's to TRUST and GOD. May they live happily ever after!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Secret Life of Mee 002


Yes, that's me sleeping :) Today's post is another quirky secret of mine, that probably only my past and present roomies know. 

Confession: I have a love affair with my sleep mask. It started back in college with one of my roomates in the sorority who was a graphic design major (think large mac desktop monitor & staying up all night working on projects). We shared a room and I have always had trouble sleeping with the light on, or even the TV on for that matter. - I was always the kid who was the last to sleep at slumber parties b/c i couldn't sleep until everyone else was long gone so I could turn of the tube! Frustrating, i know. So, you can imagine my frustration with this roomate situation...then one day, my thoughtful roomate bought me the gift that keeps giving...a sleeping mask. It changed my life, seriously. 

I was now able to sleep in peace and look uber cute too, haha! I soon found other uses for my sleep mask; international flights, and when I wake up early on Saturdays and the light from my window is really bright, i just slip on the mask and can get a few additional hours of slumber! 

About a year ago, my friend April gave me a new, posh, silk sleep mask that I love so much that I refuse to travel with it to make sure I don't lose it! It has this extra layer of padding under the eyes that keeps out all light and makes it super comfy. Sigh...makes me tired just writing this! 

I don't wear one every night by any means, but when necessary, they sure do make night life a lot less lively! (in a good way) haha..I can't be alone, does anyone else swear by these?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Whoever said there's nothing surprising in Indy?

When a girl in my small group, Allison, invited me to her wedding in Indianapolis, I was thrilled...not only to be celebrating her and Greg's fabulous marriage, but also because I had never been to Indy. Now, I know some of you are probably thinking "big deal" - and I realize that Indiana is not necc a must see, but you have to also know that I just have a fascination with new places, regardless of their notoriety. I like to think that most places have their sweet spot..something that I can enjoy. Plus, being from Oklahoma, I fully understand that sometimes the draw isn't the place at's the people! And I'm just fine with that!

Thus, a
few girlfriends and I set out on a Friday after work driving the 3 hours to Indy. I have to just stop here and say that I really really love road trips, esp with good company. We seriously talked the whole 3 hours and the fact that we all forgot our iPods didn't bother us in the least! One of the most noteworthy conversations led us to the realization that all of us in the car, an accountant, lawyer, PR specialist and Advertising executive, combined were the basic skills necessary for starting a company. We then proceeded to share our business ideas which were vast and incredibly inspiring. So, who knows...perhaps the fab 4 will venture out into the great unknown again together - in a figurative sense!

Wanting to fully embrace the suburbia we were experiencing, and it was the only decent option, we pulled into an IHOP for dinner. And sadly, this pancake palace used to be my gold standard for a hearty breakfast, however, it was pretty disappointing this time around and I now blame it on my refined taste buds that are spoiled by the many delectable brunch restaurants in Chicago.

We rolled into Indy around 11 and were staying with Katie's mom, who was the most incredible hostess! She was waiting eagerly for us and greeted us with love and food...2 keys to my heart, haha! She had the most amazing spread for us to nibble on and although we were bursting we couldn't resist her offer of 3 mini scoops of the most delicious ice creams with berries! So cute! I definitely want to get one of those mini scoops for future hosting! I would show a pic, but I ate it too fast ;-)

The next morning we were up and ready to work off the late night noshing with my Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred video. It was pretty hilarious to watch all 3 of us crammed in the living room doing jumping jacks, walking push-ups and crunches! After a good sweat, breakfast was served - the most amazing cheese and meat filled pastries, wow, the dough was sooo soft! If anyone remembers the name of them, please share below!!!

Then we were off for a stroll through Broad Ripple, a more hip/college, Lincoln Park esque part of Indy. And...I loved it! So cute, great little boutiques and restaurants to boot. We grabbed fro-yo and then hung out in the sun, yes, did i mention the weather was AMAZING? And watched some young musicians play for a fundraiser. It was perfect. Next, back to the house to get ready for the wedding!

The wedding was at this gorgeous Presbiterian church. It was a beautiful ceremony and all was well, until right before he pronounced them man and wife, one of the grooms men fainted! It took us a second to realize why the pastor awkwardly stalled before announcing the happy couple, haha. But a few moments later the guy was ok and they were able to proceed as planned, whew! I think this was the first time i'd actually seen someone faint at a wedding, but have been demanded to not "lock my knees" in the numerous past weddings i've been a part of!

The reception was at the Children's Museum of Indy. Such a fun idea. Many of the exhibits were open, which made for lots of fun and silly pics (which I always take full advantage of)! We ran into, Sadie, another friend from church who we didn't know would be there, which was fun. One of the most touching moments was Allison's dad's speech. He talked about how he had made Greg sign a contract when he asked for her hand detailing how he would treat Allison - PRECIOUS! Of course, you have to follow-up sappy with sass on the dance floor! We rocked it out for a bit before the lights were turned on and we were forced to leave.

One would think that this was the last of the excitement for the trip, however, there was one last surprise...After going home that night, my friend got sick with a horrible migraine in the middle of the night. She tried to sleep it off, but it just became more debilitating, 4am she wakes me and we decide an ER visit is necessary. I roll out of bed, brush my teeth (i can't help it) and then found the nearest hospital on the Tom Tom GPS. Minutes later we were in the ER, and she was getting treated via IV and i was sitting in the dark room with her (while she slept) Tweeting and chatting on Facebook, of course,haha! Ya, i couldn't believe someone else was up either! 2 hours later we were being released and sent home to sleep it off. Nichole was feeling better when we finally woke up, and so we made our way safely back to Chi.

What a is just full of surprises. Who knew Indy could be so exciting??? Not me! Will I go back? Sure - for the Indy 500 someday, maybe!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spilling the Beans...

Hello Beantown!!!

That's right, a few weekends ago, I had the privilege of spending the weekend in Boston with one of my oldest besties (from Jr. High, eek). She is in her last year at Harvard Law School and is set to graduate in June - aka, I had to hurry up and get my butt there to visit! Nothing like a little motivation.

And seriously, you don't have to twist my arm to get me to go on vacation! I hap
pily hopped a plane for the weekend to explore this gem of a city. Upon arrival to Boston International, I already loved it. Seated by the window on the plane proved to me that love at first sight can indeed exist! The terrain was green and backed right up to the blue waters with a sole, quaint lighthouse breaking the waves.

Friday night we chose to bum around Cambridge, seeing as Aminta practically lives on Harvard's campus. After dropping off my belongings and freshening up, we headed out for a tour of the campus. I got to check out the classrooms, musty libraries (where tons of dutiful students were spending their Friday evening) and of course the infamous statue of Mr. Harvard of which Aminta shared all the campus "urban legends." The most notable being that freshmen are required to pee on the toe of the statue, another being it is good luck to touch the toe. I decided to play it safe and stage my "toe touch", haha! Then we were off to Harvard Square or "The Square" if you're a local, in a quest for the best burgers around - which of course led us to Mr. Bartley's Gourmet Burgers. By this time it was near 9pm and there was a line down the sidewalk for this place and I knew we had arrived. The burgers were satisfying (insert: greasy and delicious), but the best part about them wasn't the was the names. All of the burgers are named after politicians or well-known public figures. Aminta and I both had the Mitt Romney...please note, choice of burger does not neccesarily = political affiliation, haha. To check out the full list click here! Almost forgot to mention that they had the most A-Mazing fresh squeezed lemonade! After dinner we bounced around to a few bars and coffee shops, ulimately settling on the Starbucks in The Garage (not to be confused with a parking garage).

Saturday morning came bright and early. You see, I have started this new workout called the 30 Day Shred that requires you to do a 20min video workout for 30 straight days, thus I needed to get up and do it before the exploring began. I had packed my video and my 2lb dumbbells, ridiculous I know, and was all set to workout when, gasp, Aminta's DVD player that she's literally had since our Sr. Sleepover in High School kept messing up and wouldn't play my workout :( Ok, being a problem solver, I decided that I could work around this. There was a common room on the first floor of the dorms that I could workout in, but would just have to risk there being people down there to ridicule me (at this point I was feeling very legally blondeish)! Making my way into the room I noticed one girl studying and I was not intimidated. So I got the DVD all set up and then noticed that there was no remote. WHAT!?! No remote meant that I couldn't select the workout from the menu, ugh...Essentially, I had spent 45 precious minutes trying to do a 20min DVD and could have been sleeping the whole time! Lesson learned!

After that debacle we set out to conquer the town. Did I mention that it was the most gorgeous weekend in Boston. In the 80's each day with lots and lots of sunshine! Getting to don my new Summer dress made my day! We first hit up brunch at Sonsie on Newberry Street. A trendy French infused restaurant with great atmosphere and unique food selections. I opted for a German pancake puff...but the greatness of it turned out to be fluff. I think i'll stick to American pancakes next time! Crossing the street we headed over to American Apparel. I had been longing for their V-necks for what seems like forever and now they were within reach! An even more pleasant surprise came at the register when the cashier told me there were NO TAXES! Pinch me, I think i'm dreaming! Coming from the city in the US with the highest taxes, this was unbelievable!

A hop, skip and a jump later, we found ourselves on the Freedom Trail. Which if you aren't familiar, is a 2.5 mile path that leads to 16 of the country's most significant historical landmarks. Pretty cool, right.
And the "trail" is even marked for you with a red painted or brick line (they were conscious of the directionally challenged). Some of my favorite stops were:
Boston Common - America's oldest public park and once the site of hangings, duels, public celebrations, plays, ice-skating and other festivities.
Massachusetts State House - The oldest building on Beacon Hill and in
1874, the dome was gilded with 23 carat gold!!! Holla!
Granary Burying Ground
- Final resting place of John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere and as
luck would have it...Mother Goose, haha!
King's Chapel - First Anglican Church built in 1688 and attended by George Washington in 1789. I
loved that instead of pews there were family boxes with little doors. You don't even have to face the preacher...wonder how many people slept through church???
Faneuil Hall - Served (and continues to
serve) as a public meeting place and open-air market. Housing tons of culinary treats and Beantown souvenirs.

After trapesing around downtown, we ended up in the North End where we stopped for a treat at Mike's Pastries (a reco from my friend Sam). A delicious stop indeed! I actually got two to eat and one for the road! :) At this point we headed to Old North Church making that our final stop on the trail. Tired of walking we found a lovely place in the harbour to sit, listen to the waves and relax. What a day!

Then it was on to a little establishment called CHEERS in Beacon Hill for dinner. I was so pumped about
this. I remember watching the show at my granny's house back in the day. What I didn't realize was that the actual name of this bar was the Bull & Finch Pub! We had a decent dinner - I had to try Boston Baked Beans...pretty tasty, but beware if you have a unexplainable disliking for hot dogs b/c that's what's in them! We hit up the gift shop and were off...swag in hand! Saturday night we met up with some of Aminta's law friends for a wine and cheese party. Which turned out to be pretty fun despite my fear of being a little "too much" for the introverted studious types, haha. They warmed up to me just fine and it was fun to meet her friends. But they did not warm up enough to join us for dancing afterward. So, Aminta and I hit up the Redline bar for a night of dance mania...and that it was! The place was so packed and we got swarmed by a slew of not so gentlemen the moment we hit the dance floor! Fortunately, we could hold our own and had a knack for "saving" each other!
we went to church at Aminta's usual place and found out that a couple from her church were actually from Oklahoma! Small world, i'll tell ya! We ate at the church's "Soul Food" meal and then were back to Harvard. Aminta had to pack for a trip to Africa, yes Africa that night and so I took the afternoon easy at the park reading and sunbathing (didn't wear sunscreen and got scorched). It felt so good, I just couldn't leave! Aminta met back up with me for a late lunch and some delicious ice cream at J.P. Licks, mmmm...all homemade! And then she had to depart for the airport.

Of course, I wasn't going to let this stop my exploration, so I made my way to Fenway and found the most awesome place to watch the game called Stadium Bar. You see, it's built right into the stadium and has one wall that looks directly onto the are practically watching the game from the outfield - so cool! And FREE! Double score! Grabbing a sausage from a street vendor on the way out, my weekend was complete. I'm not sure if it was all the history, good food, warm weather or quaint streets, but I must admit...Boston is "my kind of town!"

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Secret Life of Mee 001


Hello! I'm back for my 2nd edition of The Secret Life of Mee! And this week's secret confession has to do with my pearly whites!

My confession: I hate flossing. I know that it's beneficial, serves a purpose and is all around good for my dental hygiene, however, i just hate doing it. Why? Probably a mix of the time it takes, i think it's kind of a gross process, and hurts! So, naturally, I tend to shy away from it. Don't get the wrong impression - I take care of my teeth! I brush at least 2x/day, use a Sonicare toothbrush, chew sugar free gum, and all that jazz! But flossing has never been my thing! I mean, I do it every couple of weeks (when i remember). Yet, I'm always embarrassed to share this news with my dentist (even though I'm sure they can tell)!

In a recent conversation with some girlfriends I decided that flossing is important and i should make a concerted effort to do it more! Therefore, I created Flossy Fridays as a way to remind me to (at least) floss on Fridays! So, today's the first Friday...i had best intentions of doing it this a.m. but I only remembered when I was walking out the door, haha. So, I made sure and packed some floss for my trip to Indianapolis and am determined to start this regimen off right!

Here's where I need you...please share with me your fave floss and tell me why. Maybe I just haven't tried the right kind that will get me hooked!

Happy Weekend!