Thursday, March 19, 2009

Broadcast Yourself

Broadcast Yourself.

A simple phrase right? In some sense yes, but it is one that can be manifested in oh so many ways. For instance, you can broadcast your thoughts, experiences and memories via a blog like this, or you can broadcast the turkey sandwich you had for lunch and the wardrobe mishap you had this week (heel broke and had to run about the office barefoot while it got fixed) via the likes of Facebook or Twitter. The World Wide Web gives us more than our money's worth of avenues to share our finally be heard.

However, this list is not extensive or all encompassing. The biggest, most noteworthy opportunity to "Broadcast Yourself" is through the video sharing sight you are probably all too familiar with, YouTube. Heck...the title of this blog is their actual slogan! I was fortunate enough to sit in on a YouTube presentation at work today and wanted to share some of the funny, wacked, and most interesting ways people or companies have chosen to, you guessed it...Broadcast themselves!

Ok is quite likely you have already been exposed to this madness, but seriously...I count this as blasphemy! You just don't mess with the iphone! It's my baby...i love her...she's my teacher, concierge, personal assistant, and trusted friend that never leads me astray! I know the whole "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" thing - I can't take her with me when i'm gone, yadda yadda, but seriously...if my house were burning down...she'd be my top rescue!

This my friends, is marekting at its best! What a great gimmick! I love that the guy can't help but keep giggling. I seem to think I'd react the same way. What a trip! Way to go Verizon...even though I will never give my life over to you b/c I'm loyal to my "baby" iphone and it's ugly husband AT&T!

This one goes out to my girl Linds who introduced me to this fine work of art. Hey, if you don't want to Broadcast Yourself (and look like an idiot to the masses) what's the next best thing? Broadcast your kids! haha! Congratulations Charlie! You're a star! 87,000 views and counting! And makes me plum giddy every time we reenact this (and it never ever gets old)!


BC said...

As your roommate, it concerns me that you'd save your precious iphone over me & beebs.

Anonymous said...

I would love it if there was an equipment replacement program for friends and roomies. You know 5 bucks a week. then if you drop your friend in the toilet or it is stollen you can replace it with a refurb for $79.95 :-)

Lindsey said...

i really need to get myself some coverage on youtube...