Monday, June 1, 2009

Pass the Cheese Please!

Chuck E Cheese that is!!!That's right folks, I spent my Sunday afternoon juggling 3 children in a maze of games, pizza, laughter, toys, bells, whistles, colors and oh yeah, fun! You see, for the past year I have been a part of a fabulous program called Big Brothers Big Sisters that pairs adults (i.e. BIGS) with underprivileged children (Littles). A sort of mentor/mentee program if you will.

Mia and I were a great match from the start. She is bubbly, energetic, loves life, is smart, outgoing and likes new experiences. And that's just what we've done over the past 14 mos. experience new things together. Everything from seeing baby chicks hatch at the museum, to building our first Gingerbread House together to playing DDR and piano at my house. Aside from all the fun, this relationship has benefited me just as much or more than Mia. She has taught me to relax, be more spontaneous, to find joy in the little things and appreciate simple pleasures...oh, and to be ever gracious all the while!

So this weekend was a particularly special weekend for two reasons. One because Mia turned 11 2 weeks ago and we hadn't had a chance to celebrate. The other reason is that this was our last outing as a Big/Little match. Our year with the program had come to an end and I am unfortunately unable to commit to another year. This was a really hard realization to come to, but I know that it is for the best. Hence, I wanted to make it really special and fun for her and invited her whole family along for the outing...

And this is where it gets good...I find out that Mia's mom has to work and I will be picking up the kids and entertaining them for the afternoon until she can show up a few hours later. Which is fine and all, but let me paint a picture for you.

A SWF (Single White Female) walks into Chuck E Cheese with 3 adorable African American children ages 11, 3 and 2 mos! You can imagine the looks I was getting, or the looks I was fabricating in my head, haha. This is even funnier if you know me at all. You see, I don't even own a dog for the simple fact that I'd have to take care of entrusting me with 3 living, breathing, non-self sufficient children was quite a leap of faith for Mia's mom! I was tasked with ordering food, feeding the kids, even the infant, making sure Osiana (3) was within eye view and not putting endless amounts of coins in games that only require one and making sure Mia was having fun and getting attention - no small feat.

Somehow though, by the Grace of God, all went well. The day went by without the slightest hiccup -except for Angel (2mos) after his bottle - and I was praising God for helping me be calm and actually have a BLAST! It was so sweet getting to experience the pure joy and thrill of children at this magical place. Excitement flew through the air like lightning. Laughter was magnetic and joy flowed like wine (ahem, or grape soda). I am grateful for the past year with Mia and look forward to staying involved in her life in other ways. I know I'll always carry the imprint she's made on my heart and can only hope the same for her.

So yes...pass the cheese please...because it's the best cheese I've had in a while!

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pocket full of pink said...

Lovie, AWESOME post!! What a blessing you have been to Mia this past year. I just loved seeing you with all three of them. I can just picture what was racing through your mind as you held baby Angel, haha. I LOVE YOU!!! Super proud of you, as always.