Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Trap Life For Me?

A few weeks back, my friend Nichole and I decided go out on a limb, or should I say bar, and take a static TRAPEZE class! I know, I know, it sounds crazy, and no, I've decided not to join the circus, but as The Ardent Adventurer, I'm always up for new and exciting things!

It was quite the experience...I walked in a little nervous and questioning of my aerial skills, yet left feeling like I could fly! The class was small, about 10 students and 3 teachers. We got a lot of one on one attention and were able to try some basic skills and learn tricks!

You SHOULD take trapeze if:
You want a good core and arm workout!

You like to be challenged.

You are comfortable in spandex.

You can laugh at yourself and look ridiculous!

You like seeing men in purple tights!

Purple Tights

Silks...for the advanced!
It was a great experience all around. Fun Saturday morning for sure. What's next? Definitely looking into FLYING Trapeze!!!


pocket full of pink said...

Ahhh, SO FUN! If only I were still in Chi Town, I would SO be there!!!

20 Times A Lady said...

Hey girl... that looks like so much fun! Just checking in to see how the long distance situation is going with the boy?! I know you mentioned visiting him in Dallas a few posts back of mine, but I hope all is well! Have a great weekend!