Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just Touched Down in London Town!

The first leg of my cross-world trek is under my belt and it feels good...well as good as 9 hours of tossing and turning, a good seat-mate, and a warm airplane croissant can leave you feeling.

My seat-mate, Nick was a swell guy who shared my passion for traveling and writing and carpe-dieming, so that couldn't have gone better.

I'm spending a good part of the day in Heathrow Airport, which by Airport standards is pretty much the Cadillac, so I'm not too upset. The only bummer is the pound conversion kills the wallet. My venti Starbucks was considerably smaller than the US size (imagine that) and still cost $5, a whole dollar more than my usual fix.

Also, I didn't have time to make my Sephora run for makeup before leaving the states, so I found myself in the duty-free shop this am purchasing $40 Bobby Brown foundation - redic! Oh could I say no, when she took me from sham to glam?!? I was looking pretty rough after the all night flight and she worked magic! Lol!

I love traveling... in case you didn't notice...not just for the experiences, but for the people watching too. There's always loads of funny things you get to witness! For instance, in the bathroom at the airport this am, I got to witness a lady curling her eyelashes with a spoon. No joke, she pulled out a silver spoon from her purse and started going to town on her eyelashes as i tried to stare inconspicously, haha! Crazy...
Another surprise in London was realizing that that there's no free wifi at the airport. I had to throwdown 9 pounds for a days' usage. Boo.

Well, that's the update! Off to Istanbul!

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