Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lessons from Nonna

In celebration of my (BBBS) little sis Mia's 10th birthday, we visited our friendly neighborhood mom and pop pizza shop. Nonna's Pizzeria offered us not only a deliciously cheesy good time for a bargain price of $22 for 5 people, but also great memories and life lessons on the house.

Mia and I were joined by her mom (Bobby) and two neighbor friends for the birthday feast. As we ate the whole wheat crusted cheese pizza to our hearts content, I was able to get to know Bobby a little better and learn about Mia as well.

Mia beamed over the hodgepodge of gifts I stuffed in an oversize birthday bag, equally as excited for each gift, as if they were each little treasures in a newfound chest. I just love the simplicity of children...they are amused by the smallest most seemingly insignificant things...I believe what is left most to be desired for many kids is simply attention. This they crave just like a big slice of gooey pizza.

After consuming the whole pie, everyone still had room for chocolate on chocolate cake - a special request from the birthday girl. The generous employees at Nonna's were kind enough to supply us with extra utensils and even sing along the all to familiar "Happy Birthday" song. A song that everyone knows, yet no one seems to grasp the right pitch...making it all that more special.

I'm sure the evening looked quite different from the eyes of outsiders...the lone yuppie entertaining folks from the Marshall Fields Garden Apartments, but from my perspective, all was right with the world - A world where love conquers race, culture, education and class.

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Anonymous said...

Great article! It looks like you all had an excellent time. It makes me miss you even more! Much love- Ash