Sunday, May 18, 2008

Live Your Dreams

"Live Your Dreams," that is my goal this year, my mantra, my battle cry. I set out in 2008 to move beyond the acceptable, to never settle for complacency and to strive for the adventure that's promised in living life to the fullest.

So far, I feel I've made some decent strides - I have resurrected a childhood dream of playing the piano and dove headfirst into a travel writing class to see if the marriage of my two loves (travel & writing) could coexist in a healthy and fruitful manner. I've also had the opportunity to satiate my strong appetite for good food and new restaurants through a secret diner rating program. All while simultaneously planning my "big trip" to Scandinavia this year. Whew...just writing this makes me tired.

In just the first five months of "living my dreams" I have learned a lot about myself and how much it really requires of a person to do this. It's funny that doing what you love/want requires sacrifice. Guess it's true for all things. I've sacrificed sleep, time with friends, money, sleep, and other "good" things in striving for my "best." I have a newfound appreciation for ambition, goals, success and all they entail.

I guess I can look at the first half of this year of actualization and be happy with my progress, all the while knowing that the race is not over, the prize is not won, and look forward to the next seven months. As it turns out, "Living Your Dreams" is not a sprint, but a marathon...and I will press on and relish the journey!


Annabelle said...

BEAUTIFUL!! I am already so excited for your next post. You have a way with words that is refreshing and enjoyable. Even in our conversations you always inspire me, and now your inspirations can be read by ppl all over the world! I'm proud of you. :o) I love you! Write on!

Susie said...

Michelle - This is wonderful! I am so excited for you. I am looking forward to reading about your journey!


Stacie said...

What an inspirational blog Michelle! I am truly looking forward to following you on your travels via this blog. Travel is such a cool way to learn about yourself and others. I know that I treasure all my adventures and I wish the same for you. Keep reaching for the stars!

Stacie said...

I love the travel quotes--thanks for sharing!! And great observations of life in Scandanavia...I've been to Sweden myself and can vouch for many of your findings myself. :) It's great that you're soaking in the culture so much. That's why I savor those travel moments by can make your observations so much richer. Enjoy the rest of the journey!!