Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Note on Candor

When my fabulous lovie Annabelle gave me a shout out on her "Honest Scrap" I frankly couldn't resist. Just ask my roomies..."candor" is one of my strongest qualities :)

#1: Choose a minimum of 7 (or the top ones you love) spectacular blogs that you can't live without and pass this goodie on to them
#2: Post the "chosen ones" on your bog in link formAND #3: List 10 honest things about yourself

I'm pretty much a open book, so choosing only 10 will be tough...

1. Well, the first thing I have to get off my chest is the fact that I tend to freely speak my opinions without reserve. I mean, this may not sound like THAT big of a deal, but it's really something I can't control. It just happens. Things just flow without warning. I never realized it until this year (my 2 loving roomies find it hilarious). Better late than never I guess. *Note of clarification: I am still considerate and these comments aren't hurtful, usually just silly or funny!

2. I'm obsessed with peanut butter. Yep, sometimes i eat a whole jar in 1 week. And most times i just eat straight from the jar with a spoon. *Note: You may want to NOT eat my peanut butter when you visit me.

3. I'm currently addicted to The Bachelor, The Office, and sometimes Grey's Anatomy - only because I am now the proud owner of a DVR (haven't even had basic cable the last 2 years).

4. If I could go to EVERY country in the world I would.

5. Blogging is currently topping the list of "Miche's Favorite Things". Almost as popular as "Oprah's Favorite Things", haha!

6. Someday I'd love to write for a living. Books, articles, devotionals, who knows!

7. Chicago is my FAVORITE city in the U.S.

8. I have over 1,200 friends and 70 photo albums on Facebook - and my "real friends" like to give me crap about it.

9. I just started Twittering today (yep, finally caved to peer pressure, but blamed it on my job - advertising).

10. When I was a kid, my friend Ashley and I gathered up some leaves and berries and put them in a bowl and tried to convince our other friend it was a salad and that she should eat it. Didn't work...but a creative idea nonetheless!

Ok...enough candor for now...go on and check out these fab blog finds that keep me busy:






pocket full of pink said...

Love it!! And love the salad bit. I used to play "wilderness" when I was little and we would do that stuff all the time. Although I'm pretty sure I did actually eat it. LOVE YOU!

jlc said...

Super cute blog!!!

I LOVED reading your answers. You're adorable.