Monday, May 11, 2009

The Secret Life of Mee 002


Yes, that's me sleeping :) Today's post is another quirky secret of mine, that probably only my past and present roomies know. 

Confession: I have a love affair with my sleep mask. It started back in college with one of my roomates in the sorority who was a graphic design major (think large mac desktop monitor & staying up all night working on projects). We shared a room and I have always had trouble sleeping with the light on, or even the TV on for that matter. - I was always the kid who was the last to sleep at slumber parties b/c i couldn't sleep until everyone else was long gone so I could turn of the tube! Frustrating, i know. So, you can imagine my frustration with this roomate situation...then one day, my thoughtful roomate bought me the gift that keeps giving...a sleeping mask. It changed my life, seriously. 

I was now able to sleep in peace and look uber cute too, haha! I soon found other uses for my sleep mask; international flights, and when I wake up early on Saturdays and the light from my window is really bright, i just slip on the mask and can get a few additional hours of slumber! 

About a year ago, my friend April gave me a new, posh, silk sleep mask that I love so much that I refuse to travel with it to make sure I don't lose it! It has this extra layer of padding under the eyes that keeps out all light and makes it super comfy. Sigh...makes me tired just writing this! 

I don't wear one every night by any means, but when necessary, they sure do make night life a lot less lively! (in a good way) haha..I can't be alone, does anyone else swear by these?

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ames said...

YES!! after dad passed away and i was only sleeping well about once a month, my girls gave me a gift basket of goodies to help me sleep. my sleep mask was included and I LOVE IT! seriously, how could i have not thought about this in college!?