Friday, May 1, 2009

The Secret Life of Mee 001


Hello! I'm back for my 2nd edition of The Secret Life of Mee! And this week's secret confession has to do with my pearly whites!

My confession: I hate flossing. I know that it's beneficial, serves a purpose and is all around good for my dental hygiene, however, i just hate doing it. Why? Probably a mix of the time it takes, i think it's kind of a gross process, and hurts! So, naturally, I tend to shy away from it. Don't get the wrong impression - I take care of my teeth! I brush at least 2x/day, use a Sonicare toothbrush, chew sugar free gum, and all that jazz! But flossing has never been my thing! I mean, I do it every couple of weeks (when i remember). Yet, I'm always embarrassed to share this news with my dentist (even though I'm sure they can tell)!

In a recent conversation with some girlfriends I decided that flossing is important and i should make a concerted effort to do it more! Therefore, I created Flossy Fridays as a way to remind me to (at least) floss on Fridays! So, today's the first Friday...i had best intentions of doing it this a.m. but I only remembered when I was walking out the door, haha. So, I made sure and packed some floss for my trip to Indianapolis and am determined to start this regimen off right!

Here's where I need you...please share with me your fave floss and tell me why. Maybe I just haven't tried the right kind that will get me hooked!

Happy Weekend!


BC said...

watching flossing is up there with watching tooth brushing for me.

Dan said...

Well, you need to get the little flossy dealies that are already ready to go. They are plastic with some floss on them and they come in packets of 250 or so and are really cheap!

also, if you could only do one thing, floss or brush, flossing is better for you because it gets crap out of the areas where the plaque and yucky stuff forms. An apple/day can take care of the other stuff.

Hope you haven't been kissing anyone, i really feel bad for them if you have! Nothing is a bigger turn off than a non-flosser!

Diana said...

Hey Michelle! Well this is coming from a "dental hygienist" :) ...... I don't floss everyday either. I do floss about 3 times/week though. Do you have a history of cavities in between your teeth?? If you do it's probably more important for you to floss more frequently.

ALSO, eventually if you don't start flossing you will start to get "pockets". You have a natural pocket around your tooth where the gum meets your tooth which is normally 0-3mm, anything above 3mm is drifting into the "unhealthy range". Usually young people like ourselves don't have to worry about these pockets BUT over time as your age increases they can begin to form and grow if you don't FLOSS! Having an increase in pocket size also leads to bone loss... the big nasty word for that is periodontal disease. I am not saying you will for sure get periodontal disease.... it all depends on the person and how well they brush and all that stuff.

It's a good idea to work your way back into flossing. Flossing 1/week is a good start then increasing to 2/week then 3/week and so on! The more you floss the less it will hurt because your gums will start to get healthy and stop bleeding :)

The person that recommended the flossers is smart smart smart! They are quick and easy to use. If you just want the regular floss I personally like the waxed mint floss.

OK I am off my soap box! Happy Flossy Fridays :) Hope this helps.

Hannah Noel said...

lol I hate flossing too!