Friday, October 23, 2009


That's right folks, had my post-op appointment today and the doctor gave me the green light! Looks like all this R&R is truly paying off! They took my stitches out and have unlocked my oh so beautiful brace so that I can bend my knee 90 degrees and I now don't have to wear it at night, PTL!!! You can't imagine how hard it is to sleep with. The brace is more my nemesis than even my crutches. Speaking of crutches, I found out I am going to have to be relying on these little guys a bit longer than i had hoped. I had planned on 4 weeks and done, but apparently I have to gradually become weight bearing on my right leg, which means another 2 weeks or so of partial weight bearing that i had not foreseen, sigh. Well, here's to time flying by...or rather, relishing the moment! I'll be sure and add a stitch free knee pic when I get one!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Ciao, Miche

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pocket full of pink said...

Yayyyy!! I am praying for a SPEEEEDY recovery! Can't wait to see you and those cute knees of yours!