Monday, July 12, 2010

Mykonos or tell me!

We spent a solid 1.5 days on the wild and crazy island of Mykonos and it was definitely a good time. The talks of this little island being a BIG time party town are true. Bars open at 2am and don't quiet till the wee hour of 8am!!! We did our fair share of partaking in the nightlife...apparently the Scandinavian Disco (yes they still call them discos) was the hott place to be, esp for Americans and Australians! We made our way out at 11:45pm decked out in our dresses and hoodies (to keep us warm) as we rode our 4-wheelers into town to go out. There's a first time for everything, right?!? We made some Greek friends who took it upon themselves to dance the night away with us!!!

Aside from the hopping night life, Mykonos offers beautiful rock/sand beaches and crystal blue waters. We first visited the quieter (more expensive) beach Elia and enjoyed the views and the crazy curvy narrow roads to get there. I have video footage if you'd like to see the drive! Then we made our way to Paradise Beach (right by our hotel) and found our niche - this was the 20-30 yr old scene and much less expensive, yet more fun! American music blasting and dancing people abounding, we relished this crazy mixture of people and cultures bound by one common bond - music...American music! They apparently love American music, movies and esp reality TV over here, who knew? They also reeeaaallly like speedos too, hahahahahahaha!

The whole time we've been on the islands we've been really fly by the seat of your pants with our hotel/transportation arrangements (I know, can you believe me?). Basically we've been booking our hotels the morning or day before we need them and have been getting killer deals in ridiculous locations! Our fab find in Mykonos was the Paradise View Hotel in Paradise Beach, Mykonos. The owner George was so hospitable and took care of our every need - even picking us up from the port at 2:30am! We loved the rooms, the pool, the view and the location. I would HIGHLY recommend this hotel to anyone regardless if you want quiet and laid back or party, it's got both!

Also, a tip for getting around this island...i would def suggest renting a scooter or 4-wheeler! They are the best and most economical way to get about the island! We rented ATV's  for 24 hours for only 12 Euros each! (about 15 USD) And they are just so fun. I just hope you have better luck than us...our 4-wheeler was super slow and had no go. On our way home from the beach we actually couldn't make it up a hill and I had to get off and walk, lol, I felt like a fatty. It was hilarious b/c i was carrying 2 designer purses, wearing a dress and walking up a hill in the middle of the country. Needless to say, we traded that one in and had better luck the 2nd go around! Pretty much everyone rents them and they are perfect for the narrow windy streets. Just beware of oncoming tour buses at night...Ashley and I almost got creamed by one on our way home from going out. It was definitely a near death experience - but don't worry mom, we are ok! :)

I'd say that Mykonos is a great island to for the party scene, but if you want beauty and relaxation, I'd search elsewhere! Glad we made it part of our trip!!!

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