Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh Dam!

Mansfield Dam, Lake Travis - Austin, TX

Tonight I found myself awakened, yet again to my ingrained trust in temporal things...literally. I was driving across a bridge next to the Mansfield Dam and it hit me - if the water happened to break through right at this moment, I'd be toast! I held my breath the following seconds until I was safe on solid ground again. Once I stopped praising God for my saftey, haha, I started, i have a lot of trust in men. Men who built this bridge, this car, this dam. Men who are imperfect, who cut corners, who merely survive in this world. So, why do I have such trouble trusting the perfect one who CREATED this world? He is the only safe solid ground, yet I turn to all these false securities. 

When will i listen? 
When will i see? 
When will i recognize He is the only truth for me?

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