Monday, October 4, 2010

Some call it LUCK...

If luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, then count me one lucky chick! Ok, ok, in this blog, I use the word "preparation" lightly in the sense that I had the proper gear and was donning my relentless spirit of adventure! Nevertheless, I had the good fortune of coming across a real deal BMX course during one of my bike rides through Colorado Springs a while back.  And upon seeing a 3 year old successfully complete the course, my competititve nature kicked in (i know, it's sad that I compete against 3 year olds, lol) and I decided to try my hand at this super intimidating sport.

As you can see, I completed the track (a few times actually, each time building confidence) and can rest in the fact that a 3-year-old won't outride me! Haha...However, some punk kid did pass me on that last section of the course and as a friend pointed out, I didn't get too much air on the jumps! But...on a more serious note, it was fun to challenge myself with a new sport. To muster up the courage to try something outside my comfort zone and risk failing! Being a perfectionists, it pains me greatly to fail, or perform sub-par, however, I'm becoming more and more ok with it as I thrust myself into new sports and hobbies such as cycling and hiking! More blogs to come on both of these!  

Ready, Set, Go!

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5th Belle Avenue said...

Looooove it! Your such an adventure seeker. MWAH!