Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kodak Life...

You never know when you're gonna get a photo opp. That's my philosophy behind always having my trusty digi camera by my side, in my purse, back pocket or somehow attached to me. This routine has enabled numerous random capturings during my time in Chicago. Thus I wanted to share my most recent.

Last night, as I was walking home (in the 60 degree weather), I stumbled upon this...

Imagine my surprise in finding these two travelers along my buzzing path (Mich Ave). They looked quite out of place, yet, i can't pinpoint if it was the lack of city garb or their blank expressions that set them apart. Regardless, I, like any good Samaritan, stopped to appreciate their uniqueness, give them some advice and of course take the photo opp!

I assumed they were headed for the Art Institute of Chicago (just a hunch), so I sent them on their way and continued making my way up the Mag Mile.

Ahh...another great day in the city.

Glad I could cash in on this Kodak, ahem, Cannon Moment!

Note: If you're in the Chi area, i recommend a trip to see this quaint, unexpected rendition of the American Gothic portrait.

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