Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!!!


Have you been duped yet? I have!
I strolled into work this morning, totally unassuming, forgetting it is actually April 1. And to my surprise, I received this email from a colleague of mine whom I don't really know all that well!

Basically, It looks like I have emailed him "Stop touching my hot pockets. I really mean it this time."

To which he innocently replies, "What are you talking about?"

Hahaha...I wrote him this dumbfounded apologetic email explaining that I did not author this email. Then, upon talking to my boss, I find out it happened to her too with the same guy (only a diff message) and apparently we had been punked! Oh the joys of working at a creative shop!!! What will they come up with next?

On a non-work related April Fools Day note, I meant to wrap a rubberband around our kitchen sink sprayer so that when my roomates turned on the water they would get sprayed. Hmmm, but it totally escaped me today, darn! Do any of you have good pranks you played or had any played on you?

Just remebered this video from our Element 79 work prank last year! Enjoy!


Hannah Noel said...

My sister texted me to say "We're having a boy!!"
I freaked and sent a text to all my friends to let them know. Then I got a message that said, "Just kidding! April fools!"

I hate this day! lol

pocket full of pink said...

It's SO funny mention you mention the rubber-band on the kitchen sprayer joke because I did that EVERY year growing up and EVERY year they would still fall for it. I was even talking about it with someone earlier - didn't do it this year. Love you lovie!!