Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Secret Life of Mee!

We all have secrets...Some we share with a few select individuals. Some we bury deep in the crevices of our souls. And some are just secrets by default - things you keep to yourself without even knowing. Well, I've decided to become a bit more "transparent" with all of you who follow me by doing a weekly post called "The Secret Life of Mee!" Each week I'll divulge something about myself that few or or no one knows. And if you're feeling feisty, I'd love comments on "secrets" you keep!

Secret #1: I collect Barbies! Ahh....I know, i know...that's something little girls do, but my granny started my collection for me when I was a wee tot and it has just never ceased to multiply! I have around 50+ Barbies in mint condition, boxed and all. My favorite part of the collection are the Holiday Barbies that debuted in 1988. As of a few years ago, I had the whole set, minus the 1989 Barbie. I am not going to lie, I scoured ebay many a times to see if I could buy it. Then about 2 years ago, my aunt found one randomly and bought it for me (what a great lady)! I am at a point where I don't avidly collect anymore. But I still get a Barbie every year for Christmas from my granny and it's even wrapped. I'm always bursting with excitement to see what this year's Holiday Barbie looks like! Not only do I enjoy the beauty of Barbies, but also they can be a semi-lucrative investment. I wonder if I'll ever sell them, or pass them along to my kids? One day I'll have to decide - when my granny no longer houses them for me. But I'll wait till that day to worry!
Here's the 1997 Holiday Barbie

Being a Chicago urbanite, I can't help but love this "Career Barbie" from 1963!
I'd wear this now!
And here's a little splash video I made of Barbie through the years!!! Enjoy!


Leah said...

Oh Michelle, I love it! So you and so wonderful. What a sweet tradition between you and your granny!

I would totally wear that outfit the Career Barbie has on. Do you think they sell that somewhere in real sizes? :)

I also love your iMovie! Nicely done, nicely done!

pocket full of pink said...

SO FUN! I am so excited to read more!!! LOVE YOU!

Hannah Noel said...

Haha that is so awesome.
I have a dress that looks like Career barbie's attire! Love it lol