Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday To YOU!

It's officially Good Friday also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday or even Black Friday. And
I woke up thinking that I must be mindful of the real reason we celebrate today and Easter Sunday. You see, for too many years, I mindlessly celebrated this glorious holiday with pastels, eggs, dye, candy and of course good southern food. But as I've gotten older and my faith has grown and become more important, I suddenly understand the irony of calling today both "Great" and "Black".

Reasons it's Good or Great:
- The death of one for the good of all
- This day reminds many of faith, history and hope - It's a crucial part of the Christian story - On a lighter note, offices close early and folks get a head start on the weekend festivities
- People really get into the "Easter" spirit (even my office breakfast club)

*These are the cutest little bunny breakfast treats! Granola, fruit and non-fat vanilla yogurt topped with jelly beans for eyes, cookies for ears, gum drops for the nose/mouth and licorice for the whiskers! Great job Kristen!!! These were a huge hit!

Reasons it's Black:

- An innocent man was put to death for being the savior of the world
- He was tortured and humiliated and felt the weight of our sin
- During Christ's last 3 hours on the cross there was darkness over the whole land

I wrote this post as part of my commitment to remember the real reason of Easter and hopefully it will remind you too. I'm also going to our church's Good Friday service tonight to hear the Good Word! And hosting a brunch on Sunday for all my friends who are Chicago orphans and can't go home! What are you doing for Good Friday or Easter?

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Heather said...

Just found you blog and this is such a great post. Hope your Easter was great!